5K Fit

One of the biggest things about couponing is how much energy it takes: cutting coupons, getting up early for the store, and then pushing heavy shopping carts all around the store searching for your items in stock.  Every couponer knows that when a Kroger Mega Sale hits, the next two weeks feel like a marathon!

We want to help you be marathon-ready.  Even if you’re not really going to run a 5k, we think you should be prepared to do one!  Just doing the training for 30 minutes every day will help build your strength and energy, so when it comes time for you to sprint to the last Tide Pods on the shelf, YOU will be the one to get to them first!


Our seven week program, based on one provided by the Mayo Clinic (one of the leading medical groups in the world), will help you get ready for a 5k.  Since everyone starts in a different place, you can customize this program based on YOUR situation.  There is enough flexibility to be ready to either walk or run (or a combination of both) for an entire 5k marathon!

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“The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.”
– Steve Smith
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